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DNA multiscan® can be used for many purposes. The applications are infinite and can always be adapted to your needs. Do not hesitate to discuss this with the nearest recognized laboratory or with a recognized advisor. The most common applications are listed below.

Plant diagnostics
Do you have a diseased plant and want to know quickly what is causing the problem? Not to worry. With DNA multiscan® you receive a 100% correct diagnosis within 2 days. Correct interpretation of these results combined with expert advice helps you to tackle detected problems efficiently.

"Precision medicine" is no longer exclusive for man and beast, since plants may also now receive the correct treatment for optimal yield and harvest quality.

Water diagnostics
Keeping a crop disease-free often depends on the quality of irrigation water, drainage water or nutrient solutions. The presence of pathogenic agents may affect an entire crop, complete with all possible consequences thereafter. This situation can be avoided simply by periodically having a DNA multiscan® analysis conducted on your water. At the same time, you will know if your fi ltration system or UV disinfection unit is functioning properly.

Preferably, edible foliage plants and fi eld crops are rinsed or washed after harvest. The amounts of contaminating agents in wash and rinse water greatly infl uence the shelf life and quality of readyto- sell crops. By keeping these unwanted organisms below acceptable levels, industry and regulatory quality standards are more easily achieved.

Soil and substrate diagnostics
The use of soil-disinfection and crop-protection agents is becoming more and more legally restrained. Obtaining user permits will be critical for modern operational management of producing certain products. DNA multiscan® is the ideal tool to deliver necessary proof.

DNA multiscan® allows the horticulturist to objectively prove the need for certain control agents by registering problem cases during ongoing culture. It is comparable to receiving a doctor’s prescription to take to the pharmacy.

By regularly collecting and analyzing samples of your soil or substrate, you receive ideal insights on the health status of your soil or growing matrix. In this way you can take preventive action and, consequently, reduce the use of environmentally detrimental products to a safe minimum.

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