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DNA Multiscan®

Measuring is knowing! Clear, fast and accurate information and knowledge about the health of your plants and soil are the foundation of high-quality crop management. DNA Multiscan® provides that crucial insight and ensures that you as a grower make the right decisions. This way you can take preventive measures and avoid disease development or crop quality loss.

DNA multiscan® based on a qualitative analysis

DNA multiscan® detects and identifies plant-harmful and beneficial organisms based on samples of:
Plant material: 
plants, planting material or seed
Cultivation substrates: 
potting soil, rock wool or soil
Recirculation water: 
irrigation or drain water, nutrient solution
Rinse and/or wash water used during harvest
Fertilisers, composts or fresh manures

How does DNA multiscan® work?

As its name suggests, DNA multiscan® looks for (scans) the presence of specific DNA fragments in the sample. This hereditary material (DNA) is unique to each organism.

DNA multiscan® detects and visualizes!

DNA multiscan® discloses the DNA of a large ‘MULTI’ number of micro-organisms in the same test. Each sample is compared with a known standard series of pathogens and beneficial micro-organisms. The deviation in intensity then determines the amount of organism detected.

An innovation in reliable hands

DNA multiscan® is the product of an international collaboration between several renowned research centres from both Europe and North America.

The techno-scientific development has been coordinated by the Scientia Terrae research institute. Initiator, investor and distributor of DNA multiscan® is De Ceuster (www.deceuster.com) located in Sint-Katelijne-Waver.

Interested in the DNA multiscan® technology?

Below you will find an overview of the recognized laboratories in Belgium, the Netherlands and Canada.
If you have any questions, please feel free to contact them without any obligation.

Scientia Terrae vzw

Fortsesteenweg 30A
2860 St. Katelijne-Waver

Filip De Weerdt, director
Stefan Van Kerckhove, plant pathologist

Tel: +32 15 30 55 90


Eurofins Agro

Binnenhaven 5
Postbus 170
6700 AD Wageningen

Trudie Coenen, PlantDoctor

Tel: 088 - 876 1014

University of Guelph
Pest Disagnostic Clinic-Laboratory Services Division

P.O. Box 3650, 95 Stone Road West
Guelph, Ontario

Xuechan (Shannon) Shan, PDC supervisor and plant diagnostic pathologist

Tel: 519-767-6256
Fax: 519-767-6240